The following data are stored in tab-separated plain text files.

      1. List of 12012 genes considered by Gene2drug when computing Enrichment Scores for any gene set. [genes.txt]
      2. List of 1309 small molecules. [drugs.txt]
      3. 10 lists of pathways, one for each of the 10 databases (gene set contents omitted, they can be obtained through their respective public sources). []
      4. Pathway-wise converted microarray data in 20 matrices (10 for the Enrichment Scores and 10 for the corresponding P-values) of size Nx1309 each, where N is the number of pathways in the database. For row and column mapping use (3) and (2) respectively. []
      5. List of 22261 selectable pathways. [pathways.txt]
      6. gep2pep data (this section is under construction) [Cmap_MSigDB_v6.1_PEPs]

The list of 10 databases supported is: Gene Ontology BP, MF, CC (through BiomaRt); CP, KEGG, BIOCARTA, REACTOME, CGP, TFT (through MSigDB); MIPS Corum; Single-gene Sets.